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Before passport to your future?

In September 2009, a pilot project using the Heritage Skills Passport was run by Katie Laidlaw, skills supervisor, National Trust in the south-west.

The Skills Passport was designed to encourage responsibility for personal and professional development against a competency framework, recognised inside and outside the National Trust.

Overall the Skills Passport was welcomed, as it was felt it would help to recognise the skills of house and collections staff, as well as providing a useful record of staff skills as they moved around the National Trust.

Helen Lloyd, deputy head conservator and preventive conservation adviser (Housekeeping), was a big supporter of the Skills Passport and wanted it be used in future beyond the new ‘Skills for the Future’ Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) funded project.

An application was put in for HLF funding and the Passport to your Future project was conceived.

This website is an interactive evaluation of a project led by the National trust funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund looking at building skills across the heritage sector and attracting groups underrepresented in the heritage sector.



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