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My clients applied online using my laptop. They had a lot of input into application although I did the typing.’

Scope, year 1 partner


Applications were open for two months which gave the recruitment process time to reach out to target audiences and engage with the partner organisations.

Heather Smith and Claire Poulton looked at the target groups thinking about the barriers people from each of the target groups may have when applying for a role. They then put together different ways candidates could complete an application form allowing everyone to access the role.

The methods that were chosen were:

  • Postal application:
    250 words per question allowed.
  • Online written application
    250 words per question allowed.
  • Pictorial application
    A picture was created for each question and submitted with a 50 word caption per picture.
  • PowerPoint application
    Images plus 250 words per question.
  • Film attached to YouTube.
    Five minute film that has to answer questions in the application.
Most people created an online application and were only allowed to apply to one property. One lady used the pictorial option as English was her second language. Another who had been long-term unemployed used the pictorial application because she has strong dyslexia and job applications had always been a barrier. She managed to secure an interview, and although she did not get the job, the fact she had secured an interview had boosted her confidence.
Application Note with Abi below
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Understanding that completing a written application may be a
barrier for people, helped open doors to groups under-represented
in the heritage industry.

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‘Some people used online, even though they would have benefited more from other methods. This is because they felt they would be penalised if they used the other methods. Online  is conventional and they felt this was what the Trust expected, fearing they would score less if they had used  one of the other methods.’

Clair Poulton,
Programme Manager

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