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‘We’re looking at re-modelling the full-time volunteering programme in our gardens department following the success of the Passport to your Future scheme.’

Year 5 line manager

Beyond the project – The Heritage Skills Passport

The passports will become part of the National Trust Academy as one of the training programmes available for training the property teams.

This will be supported by the People Development Specialist in each region and the relevant experts in the consultancy.

The passport will be delivered on property using the guidance and learning from the project.

There is a strong commitment to providing the passports as a key training product on an ongoing basis where there is a pull from the property teams.

The four Heritage Skill Passports have been reformatted to make them simple and easy to use. We are very happy to share the content for these.

See the latest version here:

HSP – House & Collections

 HSP – Visitor Experience

HSP – Managing Historic Gardens

 HSP – Managing Historic Parkland
     & Landscapes


Quote from house and collection manager
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