National Trust Employee

‘Having someone from an under-represented group can mean that this person is extra appreciative for being taken on, so they will go that extra mile to make the most of their appointment. This means they will work hard and aim to be as productive as possible.’

Year 3 line manager

Governance of the Project and
succession planning

The National Trust Project Management Framework has a client, sponsor, project board and project manager structure.

Beyond the project – recruitment

For the first half of the programme, the programme manager worked closely with the recruitment team to examine the processes used and how these could be integrated into main stream recruitment. However, with a full team change, these skills were not retained.

When the new head of recruitment started, the programme manager described the strategy, processes and principles to him. The head of recruitment is a massive advocate for increasing diversity and has put together a programme of change, based on the Passport to your Future learning which is presented in the attached document. 

The learning about the recruitment is being disseminated to the wider heritage industry through this website.

National Trust Employee and Quote from Yr 3 Line Manager

Working with Recruitment

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