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Group Training Programme
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Group training

The trainees completed a residential training course almost every two months at one of the properties where a trainee was based.

Subject areas for training were based on the Heritage Skills Passport. The project received fantastic support from the consultants who gave a level of specialist training. 

The two to three-day training sessions always gave trainees an opportunity to share experiences, as well as developing a good support network – this was the most valuable part of the group training.

Once a year, the training focused on ‘Planning your way forward’. This day supported the trainees into employment.

Often, the trainees had little experience or training in how to apply for a role. The Passport recruitment processes had been so different to normal recruitment, that it was important to support the trainees to think about some key self-assessment questions about their skills, values and what role they were looking for.

The trainees were given an individual training budget, to ensure they received industry certificates which would make them more employable in the workplace.

National Trust Employee

‘Learning in a small group with national specialists was a great learning environment, and I really appreciated this unique opportunity.’

Year 4 trainee

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