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Individual accessibility needs audit

As soon as we had offered the job to a candidate, an individual accessibility needs audit was completed.

It looked at the property and the skills the trainee would learn. In particular, it assessed the barriers they would face and strategies which could be put in place to help them overcome the barriers.

As soon as this had been completed we used the information to think about:

  • Training support for the property team before the trainee started.
  • Resources needed e.g. specific software.
  • Grant funding for resources.
  • Mentoring support for the property team to work with their trainee.
  • External mentoring support for the trainee.
  • Support from partner organisations.

If we had someone with a physical disability, we would work with a specialist partner in that field. They would provide training and on-going support for the property and trainee. This worked well for example with issues such as visual impairment and dyspraxia.

However, for mental health issues, properties needed further help.

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