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‘My passion is in livestock and conservation grazing and learning in detail about how this benefits the land and British wildlife.’

Year 4 trainee

Job Shadowing

The trainees were asked to job shadow around months 7 and 8. They were quite strategic about job shadowing and they were asked to think about the following:

  • What are the learning outcomes that are not achievable at your property and would be best delivered elsewhere. Where can these skills be delivered and who might it be relevant to job shadow?
  • What are the aspirations of the trainee beyond the Heritage Skills Passport and who could they shadow to create an understanding of a role they might like to enter.
  • What are they trying to achieve at the property (including the individual project) and where else may they be able to find examples of exemplary practice?
  • Are there other trainees that are at very different properties, which it would be worth you shadowing so that you can increase your understanding of the diversity of properties and skills within the National Trust or wider heritage industry?
Quote from Yr 5 National Trust Trainee
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