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Moderation ensures that learning, teaching and assessment is planned in a coherent way so that assessment is valid and reliable.

Claire Poulton, who acted as a moderated during the Passport to your Future programme, has been establishing standards to ensure consistency and quality from all trainees.

If the Heritage Skills Passport is to continue it would be valuable if there was national moderation to ensure consistency in standard. If moderation does not exist, then the passport itself could be viewed by
future employers as of little value because of the lack of a consistency of standard.

If the Heritage Skills Passport is going to have credibility as a recognised achievement on a CV, it would help if there was shared expectations of what quality evidence looks like and what criteria defines whether a pass has been achieved.

Making consistent, reliable and valid decisions across different regions, properties and trainees is important when making assessment judgements.


The National Trust has looked at the feasibility and cost of external accreditation, and three options were outlined, but it was agreed that we did not want to build any additional costs or additional processes.

The fact that the passport has been written by key National Trust experts makes it credible to other heritage organisations. Also the training and mentoring support from experienced teams will continue to attract and retain new staff members, and give other organisations a tested framework to implement.

We want to keep things simple. We do not want to externally accredit the passports, but we may look at external accreditation again in the future.

‘Many trainees didn’t have any qualifications when they applied for the programme. For many, the Heritage Skills Passport was the first thing they had passed. By having it accredited, it would have been their first qualification.’

Claire Poulton,
Programme manager

National Trust Employee
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