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‘You have been a champion of change as you have encouraged people like myself (who may not have been aware of or felt I could fit in with what I perceived to be the “normal” employee type) to become a part of the organisation.’


Project Management

The Passport to your Future programme was managed by a programme manager, with no funding in the budget for programme support.

When the Heritage Skills Passport (HSP) was being written, the programme manager needed support to type up and format documents. This meant many long hours for the Programme Manager.

Programme manager offers support

When a property was first accepted, the programme manager gave a presentation to the property team to engage everyone team from the start.

From this, the programme manager supported the properties and the line manager about recruitment material and processes.

Line managers were given a day’s training course, which included training on coaching and mentoring techniques, and for later cohorts they were given training on working with people with mental health issues, which was delivered by Jobs in Mind.

The programme manager gave each line manager a two-hour training course on how to use the Heritage Skills Passport. This training was cascaded to the buddies and mentors.

During the trainees’ first two weeks, the programme manager ran an introductory two or three day course for the trainees. This included an introduction to the National Trust and an introduction to the Heritage Skills Passport.

The programme manager was involved in a variety of training programmes

  • She visited trainees and line managers in month three to reinforce how to use the Heritage Skills Passport.
  • The programme manager ran group training courses for the trainees every two months.
  • The programme manager conducted a nine month visit to evaluate and moderate the HSP’s.
  • A celebration event was staged at the end of the programme for each cohort of trainees.
  • The programme manager had to conduct a number of unplanned interventions. If there was a problem at a property, she would visit on a much more regular basis to support the trainee and line manager.
National Trust Employee
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Project Management

If funding is being sought for another Heritage Lottery Fund programme of this size, funding for project support, at least part-time, should be put into the budget.

Programme manager offers support

The National Trust would benefit from greater expertise within the mental health sector.

‘Your commitment, drive and inspiration to embed best practice for widening diversity in the Trust has to be hugely admired. I’ve not seen anyone strive to do what you are doing so passionately and positively.


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