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The questions contained in the application form directly related to the selection criteria which it tested.

‘If I was doing this again, I would consider putting a greater weight on the interview than the application. It has been suggested that maybe people don’t need to complete an application form, as everybody will be interviewed. However this means that the reflective thinkers, those who don’t perform well by being asked direct questions, will lose out. We need a mix of methods, but need to think very carefully about the weighting.’

Claire Poulton,
programme manager


We could have advertised Passport to your Future placements through some of the biggest jobs websites in the country.

However, we would not have reached people who would have benefited from this opportunity, such as someone who had been unemployed for years, due to a mental health condition, who knew that returning to employment would be positive.

The way to reach this audience was to work with the partner organisations which represented these target audiences.

Along with the selection criteria, the partnership building was a critical ingredient towards achieve success in reaching and exceeding our diversity targets.

Vacancy information in quote with National Trust employees below.
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If we want to increase diversity, partnership working is an important ingredient. Probably, we cannot reach groups underrepresented in the heritage industry by using the normal channels of recruitment.


Applicants found out about the opportunity through Job Centre Plus, the Richmond Fellowship, and the disability jobs site Evenbreak, other partner organisations, radio stations and the National Trust website.

‘If I was doing this again, I would consider putting a greater weight on the interview than the application. It has been suggested that maybe people don’t need to complete an application form, as everybody will be interviewed. However this means that the reflective thinkers, those who don’t perform well by being asked direct questions, will lose out. We need a mix of methods, but need to think very carefully about the weighting.’

Claire Poulton,
programme manager

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