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Supporting trainees beyond the traineeship

The programme manager had a number of meetings with Help for Heroes to look at the rehabilitation process for soldiers who are supported by a mentor, helping them into employment.

It was felt that Passport to your Future trainees could benefit from a similar longer term support mechanism, especially those who had been unemployed for some time before entering the scheme.

The fear of returning to this place is quite real and traumatic if they do not immediately find a role. It was felt that long-term mentoring would have been a really positive thing for the trainees beyond the scheme by helping them on that journey towards that future role.

The programme manager sometimes fulfilled this role.

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It is a waste of resource if we give the trainees the skills, but do not support them longer term to finding a relevant role. Some people need more support than others.

‘If we are going a similar project again, we should set up a mentoring scheme to support the trainees in their journey beyond the scheme, to ensure that they have the opportunity to maximize their use of the skills which we have invested in them. we could cascade some of the learning from Help for Heroes for future traineeships.’

Claire Poulton, 
programme manager 

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