National Trust Employee

‘Nice opportunity for the whole team to be involved so that they got a feel for the recruitment process.’

Year 5 line manager

The interview process

The aims of the interview were to provide information to help select the candidates based on the selection criteria.

We wanted to make sure there were no barriers to enabling someone to reached their potential and we wanted to ensure that the candidate left with a good feeling about the interview, the whole experience and the National Trust.

Even if they were unsuccessful, we hoped candidates might become an advocate for the National Trust within their own community, and we wanted to ensure they were engaged with the project, even if they are not appointed.

It was important to signpost applicants to other opportunities at the property, so that they could engage with the property long-term, even if they were unable to gain a placement on the Passport to your Future scheme.

The interview was a two stage process and ultimately it was about increasing diversity across the property.

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