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‘I would not have even considered applying for this sort of job because I was a full-time drinker. This sort of occupation gets in the way of everything in your life, work, family and relationships. So before it killed me, I saw the light, got help and stopped. I’ve been sober for 15 years.’

Year 4 trainee.

Trainees Finish – Outcomes

Year One:10% Drop Out

Reason for dropping out
A trainee got a job in the heritage industry as a HLF Project Manager. Before PTYF the trainee had been unemployed for a number of years.

Year Two: 27% Drop Out

Reason for dropping out
One trainee dropped out a few weeks after starting. This trainee was replaced by another trainee who had come second in the recruitment process. this trainee also dropped out after a few weeks. This may have been due to issues at the property. Two trainees dropped out just before the end of the project.

Year Three: 8% Drop Out

Reason for dropping out
The trainee got a job in the heritage industry as an Assistant Gardener after 6 months. Before PTYF the trainee they had no experience in the gardening. At the property that the trainee was at, there was a long term volunteer on the PTYD scheme. The funding was therefor transferred over to this trainee.

Year Four: 0% Drop Out

Year Five: 0% Drop Out

Year Six 0% Drop Out
Even thought four trainees had jobs 4 months before the end of the PTYF scheme, they decided to stay on the scheme until the end, at which point they will move over to their appointed jobs.

Total Retention Rate 92.5%


National Trust Employee
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