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‘When I went for the job, I knew there were at least five interviews before mine and I was told that most of the applicants were far more qualified than I was. But they didn’t have the Passport to the Future training under their belts. I was well equipped for the interview process and spoke at the interview about what I had learned and experienced from the scheme.’

Year 4 trainee

Trainees get work 

The Passport to your Future recruitment process does not ask trainees to go through a ‘normal’ recruitment process.

So if the trainees were to obtain a role beyond the scheme, it was important they were given training on how to apply for a role.

To achieve this, we wanted the trainees to think about what was important to them with a role – what were their values and what was important to them in life?

We asked them to reflect on their life story so far and what they could learn from that, along with focussing on the skills that they bring.  We got them to brainstorm all the personal and technical skills that they had developed during the Passport to your Future year and to think how this could be sold within a paragraph in their CV and covering letter.

We then delivered a session on how to make an impact with the trainees’ CV; how to make an impression with their covering letter or application form, and how to impress at interview.

Throughout this process, we stressed how trainees needed to write their job application and CV to the selection criteria being asked for in the job specification. They needed to make it easy for the hiring manager to see how well they would fit into the role.



National Trust Employees
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