The Passport to your Future website was created as a microsite from the National Trust’s website, giving it a different tone and voice.

The website described the Heritage Skills Passport, the ethos of increasing diversity and the different aspects of the project. It also allowed properties to add their own information, including advertising trainee opportunities and taster days.

Above all, the website became a portal for recruitment. It explained the recruitment process, and then linked them through to one of two recruitment gateways – MY Place for online applications and Harbour for other application methods.

In years 1 and 2, Harbour was used as the route for all applications. This worked well, giving line managers just one place to visit to collect applications. For year 3, the recruitment team asked us to use My Place as a portal, hosting just online applications.

On line applications went to My Place, films attached to YouTube, PowerPoint and pictorial applications had to go through Harbour, while postal applications were sent to the properties. This was not ideal. There was a chance of missing applications and line managers found the process hard. However it was important that we tested which of our new processes would be scaleable and effective once the project had finished.

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The web site was easy
reading,informative and
colourful, which helped
our client group to study
the website at home with
parents and carers.’

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When recruiting trainees in future, recruiting for attitude, potential and the amount the organisation can value-add would make more business sense than recruiting the person who already has the greatest qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience in an area.

The website was quite detailed, but the feedback was that it was important to give people the confidence to apply. People told us they read every page and document word for word, because they wanted the confidence to know that this was the right thing for them and that we followed the ethos of the project that we had advertised. Case studies on the web site gave people confidence that we meant what we said.

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